In an effort to promote inter –provincial and inter-district sharing and learning of best practices,NAD Zambia has started exposing members of various CBID district networks to other CBID districts with comparative advantages in specific thematic or operational areas.
To kick start the process Kasama,Chipata and Kitwe district CBID networks were identified to have strengths in; local resource mobilisation,media engagement and strategic and system advocacy respectively.
In the month of July, up to 30 networks members from 10 districts travelled to Kasama and Chipata to learn about local resource mobilisation and media engagement. The visits were held in high esteem by all participating members, and  wished for more such activities in future
“Chipata was nice. I learnt a lot of things from what CBID team in Chipata is doing. One notable thing is that our colleagues have managed to influence the radio stations and Chipata TV to broadcast programmes on the rights of persons with disabilities and the need to turn the district into an inclusive society. I liked the fact the Chipata CBID organised training for media staff in disability reporting. The training was important to orient media personnel on the right terms to use when reporting matters affecting persons with disabilities” remarked a member from Kasama

CBID exchange learning visit hosts and visitors pose for a photo at a historical disability friendly school in Kasama

Another member from Kitwe revealed her learning has
“I have learnt alot from the Kasama team and keep up the good work. It’s really great to know that they are able to organise meetings on their own, sacrificing for the network by using their own resources. Hey managed to hold a training of basics in signing language for the health workers, police and ZRA with support from the stakeholders. Keep up with the good work. And thanks to NAD for this great idea, I have personally taken the lessons home and our Kitwe network will surely improve more.
By press time another learning visit to Kitwe was underway.