In order to continue engaging with Civic Leaders on important issues of inclusive development and available empowerment schemes, NAD held a one day CBID workshop for Ward Councilors’ on 31 January at Chimuthuzi Lodge in Chongwe.The training facilitated by Franco Simukanzye from NAD and Wamundila Waliuya from Disability Rights Watch (DRW) addressed barriers to Inclusion, accessibility, policy and legal instruments  and accessibility to Constituency Development Funds (CDF) by persons with disabilities.

One of the notable topics of discussion was on accessibility which also provided participants with an opportunity to demonstrate how persons with disability access information using latest technological gadgets such as  computer software and smart phones.

Participants were reminded that accessibility is not just about putting ramps in buildings, but it goes beyond that and involves addressing issues around the environment,legislation,information and communication. On CDF, participants commented that some clubs which also consist of persons with disabilities managed to access some funds for their cooperatives. Some Ward Councillors supported them with the necessary information on application procedures and other relevant information